• John Eaves

A Focus on Small Business Development and Support

The American spirit of business ownership is alive and well in Georgia, but our underserved communities need a champion who can turn ideas into action!

I’ve found that one of the best things about campaigning for Secretary of State is meeting people, hearing their stories, and sharing my vision.

This past weekend I visited small business handcraft markets, festivals, and pop-up shops in Atlanta, Brookhaven, and Smyrna. The small business owners I engaged with were of all ethnicities, female, male, gay couples, the elderly, immigrants, democrats, and republicans. The common denominator with everyone I met with was good hard-working people who wanted a piece of the American dream.

I too am a small business owner. I provide high school students with international travel opportunities through my business, the Global Youth Ambassadors Program. This passion of mine comes with challenges and thrills, but the business sustains my livelihood, helps me pay my daughter's college tuition, while also providing a service to our community.

As the next Secretary of State of Georgia, I will place a premium on small business development and support. Georgia has 1.1 million small businesses with 1.7 million small business employees, but the closure rate of small businesses is about 4,500 per quarter. Small businesses die because they did not have revenue to meet their expenses. I am committed to launching innovative policies that will help small business get better access to capital.

Help me become the next Secretary of State, so that I can assist small business owners. Please donate today by clicking the button below.

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