• John Eaves

Dr. John Eaves Gets Support of Leaders from Various Cities and Towns in Georgia

GA Secretary of State candidate, Dr. John Eaves, spent the past weekend in the Savannah, Georgia area meeting residents and business owners.

The former Fulton County Commission Chair also attended the Georgia Municipal Association (GMA) Conference in Savannah. GMA is a state organization that represents municipal governments in Georgia. It was an opportunity for Dr. Eaves to meet leaders of cities and towns from across the state.

Cities and towns are the backbone of the statewide governing body. The leaders make decisions on budgets to fund police and roads to passing public policy to support small businesses and youth after-school activities. I’m a big advocate for youth programs and small business owners.” said Dr. John Eaves.

Georgia has one of the most diverse collection of city leaders in the country. Among the 537 cities, approximately 64 have mayors that are Black, and a growing number of cities are led by women. Some of the cities and towns led by Black and female mayors include Adairsville, Austell, Brunswick, Waycross, and Woodbine.

GMA provided me with an opportunity to share with city leaders how I would make the Secretary of State office more collaborative with city government and use my role to implement innovative policies to support the expansion of small businesses within their jurisdictions.”

I am pleased that so many mayors and city council members have pledged to endorse my campaign. I would like to give special thanks to Mayor Annette Morman of Baconton, Mayor Al Thurman of Powder Springs, and Mayor John Reid of Eatonton.” said Dr. Eaves

Over the next few weeks, Dr. Eaves will be visiting more cities and towns throughout Georgia—listening to the concerns of residents and city leaders—and discussing how, as the next Secretary of State, he will protect everyone’s right to vote.

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