• John Eaves

Here Are Two Ways You Can Fight Back Against Voter Suppression

As a Georgia resident, I have watched Governor Kemp and Brad Raffensperger attack the voting rights of people of color from across the state. The addition of SB 202 has made our voting laws among the worst in the country. Georgia has been a battleground for partisan bickering surrounding voter access and claims of fraud.

I am prepared to fight to make our state a model of democracy where we honor everyone's right to vote, and we have systems in place to encourage greater voter access and election integrity. We have come to far too go back now. As we prepare for elections in 2022, we have an opportunity to continue the work we started this past January in turning Georgia blue by not only selecting a new governor but also replacing the current Georgia Secretary of State.

I believe that Georgia deserves better: our nation depends on strong, dedicated leaders with integrity who are willing to stand up for what is right and have a leadership style that builds coalitions and relationships regardless of political party or opinion.

During my 11 years as Chairman of Fulton County, I helped save Grady Hospital from the brink of collapse and played an instrumental role in reforming the county’s criminal justice system. I helped increase the number of black entrepreneurs incorporated as small businesses with the state of Georgia. I look at the accomplishments of the new generation of Georgians and can see so much to be hopeful about.

If we are to move forward, there has to be a more positive and inclusive approach. That’s why I'm running for Secretary of State.

I am asking you to prepare yourself to fight back by doing two things:

  • Check your voter registration now! Your registration may be in jeopardy. CLICK HERE to ensure that your registration is ready for your voice to be heard.

  • Help me protect your vote by supporting my campaign today and donating $22 for our fight in '22.

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