• John Eaves

Statement From John Eaves for Georgia Campaign In Response to President Biden's Voting Rights Speech

Yesterday, President Joseph Biden gave one of the most important speeches in the first year of his presidency. The President raised the alarm about the deliberate attempt by Republican led legislatures across the country to suppress and subvert the voting process. Biden is right, the assault on our democracy is real. 17 states have passed 28 laws that will make it more difficult for Americans, especially people of color, to vote. In addition to that, there are 400 or so voter suppression bills state legislatures are trying to pass. We must vigorously challenge these restrictive voting bills.

Biden accurately mentioned that there continues to be an unrelenting effort by the GOP establishment to undermine the past election based on the "Big lie" of election fraud perpetrated by former President Donald Trump.

President Biden talked about two legislative bills in Congress that will help protect voter rights and prevent some of the restrictive voting measures from becoming law; the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voter Rights Advancement Act. I applaud the President for putting forth resources in the U.S. Justice Department to double the number of enforcement agents to challenge the voter suppression laws that have been passed in state legislatures, especially in Georgia.

As the next Secretary of State of Georgia, I pledge that I will do all within my power to make elections transparent, that everyone has the right to vote freely, the process is fair, and all votes are counted. I will also do all that I can to make voting accessible to everyone. I will protect your vote.

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