• John Eaves

Statement from John Eaves on Raffensperger's Desire for State to Take Over Fulton County Elections

It is extremely disappointing to hear Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger say he wants Fulton County elections taken over by the state. His comment is highly partisan and is an affront to communities of color who reside and vote in Fulton County.

During my 11-year tenure as Chairman of the Fulton County Commission, I used my position to make voting accessible to every eligible voter in the county, regardless of party affiliation, race, or ethnicity. I helped to provide administrative oversight of the Fulton County Registration & Elections department and the Fulton County Board of Elections. Under my leadership, the Board of Commissioners annually appropriated $6-8 million of funding for poll workers who worked at 300+ voting precincts throughout the county, which resulted in more votes cast in Fulton County than any other county in Georgia.

Mr. Raffensperger’s announcement is irresponsible and baseless. It is a deliberate attempt to undermine the confidence of Fulton County voters in future elections. It’s also an attempt by Georgia Republican lawmakers to disenfranchise voters in Fulton County, which has the largest number of Black democrats than any other county in Georgia. Read Mr. Raffensperger's comments at Just the News: https://justthenews.com/politics-policy/elections/georgia-secretary-state-says-he-wants-fulton-county-elections-taken-over

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