• John Eaves

Texas' Abortion Law and the Threat it Poses to Women's Rights

I’m honored and grateful to have returned to Spelman College this fall for a 3rd year as a Senior Lecturer in the Political Science department.

My classes are popular among Poly Science students because I provide a practical approach to learning about the political process, and I relate everyday issues to the lives of young Black women.

I currently teach Civil Liberties and the U.S. Constitution to 24 students. One of the topics that we have recently focused on is reproductive rights of women. The most recent passage of the Texas abortion law is an affront to women—especially Black women. I remind my students that young people aged 18-29 are one of the most underrepresented voter groups in the country. My response to their concerns is encouraging them to get involved in the political process by voting for people who will protect their rights and represent their interests as Black women.

I teach at Spelman for the same reason that I am running for Secretary of State of Georgia. Simply put, I want to protect the rights of ALL people, but especially Black women and their right to vote so that they can control their destinies.

As a father of a daughter, who is a senior in college, and as a recent grandfather of 6-week old Brielle, I want to protect the reproductive rights of women, and I want all women to freely participate in the voting process.

No matter where you live, the color of your skin or how much money you make, everyone should have a voice in our society.

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