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What Happened to Brad? Raffensperger's Changing Views on Georgia Elections

When I interviewed Brad Raffensperger, Georgia's current Secretary of State, following the 2020 election, he had gained national prominence for defending the integrity of our state's elections and standing up to former President Trump's baseless allegations of widespread voter fraud.

But since then, Raffensperger's views on the legitimacy of Georgia's elections have changed dramatically. Despite his passionate defense of our state's electoral process earlier this year, he has said and done many things that contradict his previous statements to me, including his recent call for firing election officials in Fulton County.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger's latest actions illustrate what is at stake in the race for Georgia's next Secretary of State. Instead of delegitimizing our state's new electoral process and not playing into the false narrative that fraud is rampant in Georgia—especially Fulton County, Raffensperger is doing the opposite. It is becoming more apparent that Georgia needs an Elections Chief who will protect the rights of each and every voter. That is why I am running for Secretary of State during this pivotal moment in history for our state and nation.

I encourage you to watch my interview with Raffensperger in February 2021 on my show Atlanta Speaks, and listen as Raffensperger defends Georgia’s electoral process:

Then: "It's Not a Question of Fraud."

While mentioning that voter fraud was not an issue in the 2020 election, Raffensperger said "we want you to be confident in that process."

Now: Defending Georgia's Oppressive Voting Law

Rather than preserve confidence in Georgia's elections, Raffensperger has joined other Republicans in defending new voting legislation that will leave Georgians disenfranchised and disillusioned in the process.

Then: Defending Fulton County

Here, Raffensperger describes how a Fulton County poll worker was harassed because of false accusations of impropriety.

Now: Alleging a History of Mismanagement

As imagined threats of fraud continued to circulate despite being debunked, Raffensperger disparaged Fulton County's election officials in his July call for their removal.

Then: Voter Suppression and the Purging Process

In this segment, Raffensperger explains how Georgia uses technology to receive notifications when voters move out of state to remove inactive voters in an objective manner. This was in response to the question of votes being suppressed in Georgia.

Now: Voter Suppression by Other Means

Though Raffensperger appeared to stand firmly against voter suppression earlier this year, he strongly supports Georgia's recently-enacted voting legislation that suppresses the state's voters through heightened restrictions and shorter runoff election periods.

Then: A Model for the Country

When asked if Georgia can be a model for the rest of the country, Raffensperger said "They already are."

Now: A Model of Disenfranchisement

As a direct result of the restrictive legislation that met Raffensperger's approval - and came after he hailed Georgia's electoral process as a model for the nation - Georgia Republicans are angling for a takeover of Fulton County's elections. This, of course, is their response to Fulton County's overwhelming support for President Joe Biden and Senators Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff last November.

Then: Calling Out Trump's Falsehoods

"Everything that he was talking about, we had already debunked." This is what Raffensperger said when asked about his phone call with then-President Trump. Despite the pressure from a sitting president to invalidate the results of a legitimate election, Raffensperger persisted in his defense of Georgia at the time.

Now: Deceiving and Misleading Voters

Raffensperger's call for legislators to pass an amendment stating that only U.S. citizens can vote in Georgia's elections - a protection that already exists - is a clumsy attempt to portray Georgia's elections as out of control and in need of Republican intervention.

Then: Fulton County Making Great Strides

Here, Raffensperger praises Fulton County's electoral process and notes that his office had a monitor and was able to observe the vote count.

Now: Intervening in Fulton County's Elections

It is fascinating to see Raffensperger hail Fulton County's progress in one moment, then claim "mismanagement issues" later on. In his demand for the firing of two Fulton County election officials last month, he attempts to erode public confidence in the county's ability to conduct elections, even after he deemed the results as legitimate earlier this year.

Brad Raffensperger appeared to stand up for the integrity of Georgia's elections, but his latest actions suggest that he believes the meritless attacks pushed by his fellow Republicans and will go along with their efforts to disenfranchise Georgia voters. This is why we need a Secretary of State who will protect your vote, and that is why I am in this race.

If you believe that Georgia's Secretary of State should defend the right to vote instead of taking it away, please donate to my campaign. Your recurring contribution will make the difference in protecting our elections and creating a better Georgia for all.

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